Case Study: Presentation Skills Training

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Overhauling the presentation capabilities and resources of a medium sized organisation.

What was the problem?

This organisation had a growing team that needed to be displaying a consistent message in their various presentations. Some staff were more confident than others and there was a lot of confusion about how best to reuse slides and templates.

What was the solution?

A team of trainers from Google spend a day in the organisation, offering:

  • one-to-one training for all staff members
  • a group session to show results
  • a set of presentation templates
  • improved file setup


The group was very happy with the results and the staff felt better prepared to take on opportunities to talk and present on their organisation.

What platforms did you use?

Microsoft Powerpoint, Google Slides, Google Images

Time and resources involved

One day for a team of eight trainers and 90% of the organisation’s staff.

Would you do it again?

Yes, it was a great success, particularly the one-to-one training.

Would you do anything differently next time?

We did not spend enough time assessing the needs of the organisation in terms of file set up so I feel that although we built a great set of tools for them to use, we didn’t embed it effectively into their existing processes and as a result, the resources were underused.

Any other thoughts?

The staff were all fully capable of representing their organisation, were very knowledgable about their subject and just needed some confidence in their ability. They had also fallen into the trap of using slides as a replication of what was being said, rather than a visual aid so some simple fixes made the overall result much more engaging for the audience.

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