Charity Hack – 15 November, Dublin (with a digital focus!)


The fantastic Charity Hack project is holding another day long event in Dublin on Saturday November 15th. All the details you need are on their website; and here’s my own take on it:

  • Teams of ‘hackers’ (volunteers) are paired with ‘hackees’ (small charities) to help them solve a particular problem and devise a real life solution
  • When I participated (in January 2014), the charities were small charities with limited resources who are all doing incredible work
  • I was there as a hacker, but I still learned loads from it – from the exceptional people on the team, and the way the organisers had structured the day to make it extremely effective, while keeping the energy and enthusiasm up right till the end
  • The result was that it was very inspiring and very fun
  • Because everyone there is a volunteer, it was a great opportunity for charities to get expert advice with no strings attached – no-one was trying to sell them overpriced software or other services
  • The charity I worked with was brilliant and I learned a lot from them – Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland

  • TL; DR version: I can’t say enough good things about Charity Hack

The event this November has a digital fundraising focus, which is excellent news both for potential hackers who would like the opportunity to share and learn; and for charities who will get some extremely high end dedicated help. Whichever category you fall into, I highly recommend you apply to attend.


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