Digital Storytelling Tool & Story of the Month: Storehouse & Umbrella Revolution

Digital storytelling is one of the things I’m most excited about in the charity digital space at the moment.  The available tools just get better and better, and developments in HTML5 mean that rich digital stories can now be accessible and quick to download – no need for clunky plugins or enormous files.

I’ll feature one digital storytelling tool here each month, and one striking digital story.

Tool: Storehouse

StorehouseI had my first go recently of this free iOS app. It produces absolutely beautiful photo essay pages, reminiscent of the minimalist design used on Medium. It uses large legible fonts, and the ample white space really makes photos shine. It can incorporate video clips, and is extremely easy to use – no coding required.

All free tools have some limitations, and Storehouse’s are that you can’t turn off comments (although they can be deleted), you don’t seem to be able to install analytics, and the layout options are limited.

However the results are so quick and so lovely that these are small quibbles, and their embedding tool works beautifully so stories can be easily incorporated into your website.

Story: Umbrella Revolution

The Hong Kong protests captured in photographs, created with Storehouse.

Have a look at Storehouse’s gallery for more examples of how people have used this tool – everything from fashion shoots to recipes to travelogues.

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