Google’s Algorithim Change: Mobile Friendly Matters

From April 21st (tomorrow!) Google will start favouring mobile-friendly sites in its mobile search results, and they say that this will have significant impact in their search results.

What does it mean for us?

If your charity does not have a mobile friendly site, it will start to suffer in mobile searches. And mobiles aren’t going anywhere – I’ve seen exponential growth in mobile traffic over the last few years with all the sites that I manage.  Globally,mobile has now overtaken desktop traffic.

What can you do?

Check if your site is mobile friendly using Google’s Mobile Friendly Test

If it isn’t, you need to start thinking about making your site mobile-friendly, and the long term cost to your organisation if you don’t.

Responsive design is the best option in many cases – it’s a form of web design where the site reshapes itself when viewed on different devices.  This short video explains responsive design in 90 seconds.  Talk to your web designer about a responsive design – and if you’re using a popular open source CMS like WordPress, there are many responsive templates available.

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