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Yes Equality

Any of you who’ve ever worked on campaigns know that online action has to link up with offline action – or it just becomes ‘clicktivism’.

There’s a huge amount of energy around the Yes Equality campaign for the upcoming Marriage Referendum but there’s also a risk of people wasting time having unproductive arguments on social media, and forgetting about the all too important business of convincing people in person.

Some very dear friends of mine made this video for Yes Equality, to encourage people to get out and canvass for Yes in the final few weeks leading up to the Referendum.  I think they’ve done a great job of demystifying canvassing and showing that it can be a really positive and satisfying experience.

I’d really appreciate it if you could share this video – YesEquality need a LOT of canvassers and there’s not much time left. Thank you!

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I created this second video for Yes Equality to give new canvassers an overview of how canvassing works.  I used the free iPad app Adobe Voice to create this video – it’s the single easiest content creation tool I’ve ever used. You set up your video as a slideshow with text, pictures and icons, and Voice then adds transitions and music to create a video.

Canvassers can sign up at  Thank you!

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