Charity Hack #4 – Don’t Miss Out!

charity-hack-logoCharity Hack is an initiative from Kevin Delaney and Eimear Clowry Delaney, two incredibly energetic and passionate fundraisers.

In short, it’s a day where small charities (‘hackees’) and people with charity campaign experience (‘hackers’) come together to spend a day sharing ideas and tackling problems.

I’m really excited that Charity Hack #4 has been arranged – it’s taking place on Saturday 12th September in Dublin city centre. So:

  • If you’re a small charityapply to be a hackee! You will get a day of intensive expert help for no cost and no strings attached.
  • If you have relevant experienceapply to be hacker! I participated in Charity Hack #2 and it was one of the most fulfilling and enjoyable projects I’ve ever been involved in.

Lots more information available at the Charity Hack website.

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