What Can Charities Learn from the YesEquality Campaign?

Yes campaign

Now that we’ve come out the other side of one of the most positive and successful rights campaigns ever seen in Ireland, it’s a good time to take a look back and seewhat NGOs can learn from the #MarRef Yes Campaign.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so impressed with a campaign – just a few of the highlights for me were:

  • the positive tone that was maintained by the core Yes campaign, even when the debate was nasty
  • the extremely smart use of social media – no time wasted on unproductive arguments, instead it was used to inform, to fundraise, to get people registered to vote, and to mobilise voters and canvassers in the last crucial weeks
  • the wonderful use of online storytelling from diverse voices and sources – from the stirring Bring Your Family With You video from BelongTo, to the brilliant Brighid and Paddy

Some of the best post-match analyses that I found, from people involved in the campaign:

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