Article: Turn Your Charity’s Facebook Page Around

Turning Concern's Facebook Page Around

Do you sometimes feel with Facebook that you’re sending posts into a vortex, where they just wither and die? Do you know that you need to be talking about your cause on Facebook because that’s where everyone is, but find yourself struggling to get the right way to cut through all the noise?

This article from Adrian O’Flynn gives great insightful advice on how to turn your charity’s Facebook page around. Concentrate on stories, focus on quality over quantity, and….read the article for the rest 😉

(By the way, Adrian is a member of Digital Charity Lab’s expert panel and is delivering our very popular ‘Improving Your Charity’s Emails’ workshop on April 19th. Don’t miss out!)

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About the Author: Jean

Jean O'Brien is a digital communications expert and designer, who has over a decade of experience working as an online specialist with Irish charities.

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