(Amazing) Online Tool: YouGov’s Digital Profiles

This online tool from data research organisation YouGov blew my mind.  You can enter any brand, organisation, item or celebrity and it draws from its database of hundreds of thousands of research panel participants, and builds a profile of the fans / customers of that thing.

It gives you incredibly useful information – as well as basic demographics, it tells you what kind of brands this customer likes, what entertainment they’re into, where they shop, what media they consume.

The profiles are only available for the UK, US and German markets, but given how close we are to the UK there’s plenty here that’s useful for the Irish market. For just one example, it should give you plenty of inspiration for ways to target ads on Facebook.

Well worth exploring – try out similar UK charities, activities that you fundraise on (such as trekking), and celebrities linked to your cause.  You will definitely get some thought-provoking information.

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