Digital & Democracy – Highlights from our Evening Talks & Panel Discussion Event


On Monday 5th September, we held our first ever evening event in Dublin’s lovely Liquor Rooms – two short talks from visiting digital experts, and a panel discussion that brought in local campaigners. Our visiting experts were Amelia Showalter, former Director of Digital Analytics with the Obama campaign and current consultant; and Glyn Thomas, UK-based digital non-profit consultant. We were very lucky to be joined by journalist and documentarian Colin Murphy, political strategist and journalist Noel Whelan, and activist and founder of Uplift Siobhan O’Donoghue.

It was a fantastic evening with great insights shared by the campaigners, and great questions from a very engaged audience. See below for some highlights!

Amelia Showalter on Digital Lessons from the Obama Campaign

Glyn Thomas on Lessons from Brexit & the Remain Campaign

Panel Discussion

The conversation turned to the ‘post-fact’ world that we live in now, with particular focus on the Leave campaign during Brexit, and Donald Trump.


Panelist Noel Whelan shared a book recommendation – “Enough Said – What’s Gone Wrong with the Language of Politics?” by Mark Thompson, on political speech and rhetoric today. Read a review in The Guardian.

Noel Whelan: when Trump says he’s going to build a wall, his supporters know it isn’t literally a wall. It’s a symbol.

The panel discussed campaigns they personally worked on and campaigns that they admire:

The panel discussed the value of online communications and acquisition. Can we convince people online or is it a waste of time to try?

Some of the attendees’ feedback on the evening:

Special thanks to:

Our friends at Care2 for sponsoring the evening and generously providing a free drink for each attendee.

Thanks to everyone who tweeted, particularly @aveteresa, @HelenMcCormack, @babalynne, and @neevy101 who wrote lots of great tweets and all of whom you should definitely follow. And extra particular thanks to EvTheWolf who looked after the Digital Charity Lab account on the evening.

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