Tips from September 2016 workshop on recruiting new supporters online – with Amelia Showalter & Glyn Thomas


Digital experts Amelia Showalter (former Director of Digital Analytics at the 2012 Obama campaign) and Glyn Thomas (freelance consultant, formerly of Friends of the Earth and Global Justice Now) visited Dublin in September 2016 to give a workshop on Recruiting new supporters online, in partnership with Digital Charity Lab.

The day-long workshop was packed full of valuable insights on effective ways to recruit supporters, and ways to keep them engaged and active.  Below are tweets featuring a selection of some of the advice shared on the day:

Mr Splashy Pants?

Glyn and Amelia are both freelance consultants with many successful digital campaigns under their belts.  If you’re interested in talking to them about potential projects, you can contact them through their websites:

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