Free Template: Create a Web Content Style Guide

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template-circle-250sqWriting effectively for the web is not rocket science, you just need to keep two main principles in mind:

  • follow writing rules for clear, jargon-free communication (the great George Orwell nailed it in 1946)
  • remember that people scan rather than read carefully on screens, and structure your text to suit that reading style

At Digital Charity Lab, we have prepared a free template that you can use to create a Web Style Guide for your organisation. Having multiple staff write for your website means you can publish more content and bring in expert voices on your issues.  But you will need to ensure that the tone is consistent and the quality is good.

This template will help you achieve that – it contains guidance on best practice for web content, sections where you can add notes on your organisation’s voice and brand, and is short enough to be a useful everyday reference.

Get the template

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