Online Tool of the Month: Digital Maturity Self-Assessment Tool for Charities

digital-media-600x400People working in digital for non-profits know (or should know!) that digital is about so much more than having a presence on social media and sending out emails.  We’re living through a digital revolution and digital continues to have a profound effect on the way people live, communicate and do business.  Is your organisation fit for purpose in the digital age?

A way that you can start finding out is to use this digital maturity self-evaluation tool, created by Branislava Milosevic of Digital Leaders UK and Tim Kitchin of Copper Digital.

Branislava says about this tool:

“Often there is an understanding in organisations that something needs to be done to get to the next level of digital operation, but there is no clarity amongst decision-makers as to where to start. This self-assessment will provide you with a simple roadmap based on where your organisation is at.

The questionnaire works like a personality test – after answering 12 questions, within couple of weeks, you will get a report stating the level of digital maturity an organisation is at, a prioritised list of next steps that will help the organisation go up a level and a some commentary specific to your answers.”
I found it incredibly helpful. Take the test today:

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