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Probably like many of you, I’m subscribed to a TON of emails, from non-profits, campaigns, research organisations, agencies, commercial businesses and many more. I find myself filing a lot of these emails into folders to ‘read later’, but one that I always open is the weekly ‘Test of the Week’ email from

It’s basically a fun way to learn about user experience design. They show you an A/B test – sometimes it’s a web page, sometimes an email, sometimes an ad – and ask you to guess which version performed better. Once you guess you’ll see if you’re correct, and also get a short case study with the theory on why the winning version won.  This recent one about the use of emojis in subject lines is particularly interesting.

An interesting outcome for me with is that when I first subscribed, I nearly always guessed wrong. There’s a valuable lesson in there about assumptions and the importance of testing. Now, after having been on the list for a while, I find I rarely guess wrong. Another valuable lesson about learning new things all the time 😉

This is a great example of a regular email by the way – it’s short, interesting and gives people something to do. Is there a similar quiz-based approach that you could use for your cause?

Check it out – guess, vote, tweet your results! You can read it on their website or sign up to get it by email (the subscribe link is in the footer).

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