The Wheel’s Better Together Video Competition 2016 – Enter and Vote!

The Wheel’s annual Better Together video competition is on again and you have until November 21st to submit your entry. It’s a really nice opportunity for charities, non profits, community organisations, clubs etc to showcase your work and demonstrate your impact. And in fact, impact is the theme for 2016.

Videos can be ‘Epics’ (2 mins long) or ‘Shorts’ (60 seconds long). Once submitted, videos are added to the Better Together site and put up to the public vote.  There’s prizes for the winners, of cash or technology to create further videos.

If you’ve left it till the last minute (I can relate!) , here’s a few easy-to-use video creation tools that will get your video done quick-smart:

If you know of any more, share them in the comments!

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