Article of the Month: ‘The Critical Question’ to ask when planning a digital campaign

Too often digital campaigns (fundraising, advocacy and awareness ones alike) are rushed into, with organisations plunging straight into planning and execution without doing some essential thinking and questioning first.

This piece by Econsultancy on ‘The Critical Question’ to ask is aimed at agencies working with clients, but the advice they give is just as relevant to teams inside non-profits working on campaigns.  One of the biggest contributing factors to campaigns going ‘flop’, in my experience, is too many or conflicting goals set by the organisation. This article gives practical advice on how you can set your goals and link to them to your activities, and provides some really useful advice on how you can deal with changing priorities and ‘shiny things’ distractions.

Found via Rachel Collinson, who you should definitely follow on LinkedIn, she shares great stuff 🙂

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