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Taking a leaf from the absolutely fantastic Irish Election Literature Archive we thought we’d use this site to showcase some of the interesting campaigns taking place in the Irish non-profit sector, in the hope that you might be able to pick up tips, ideas and inspiration from our colleagues working in fundraising, donor care and advocacy. So welcome to our brand new Charity Campaign Gallery.

Even though the focus of the Charity Lab is on how best we can use online and digital tools to inform, advocate and raise funds we’re also conscious that a lot of campaign material is still in print and so we’re including direct mail and other offline communications here too. It’s also interesting and useful to see how NGOs are using integrated campaigning and messaging to link their online and offline materials.

We’ve just posted some communications material from Focus Ireland, Oxfam, Concern, the Irish Cancer Society and Amnesty International. We’ll have more going up in the coming weeks but we’d love to get material from you and we’d REALLY love to get you talking and sharing.

So, let us know in the comments what you think of the campaign gallery and help spread the word!!

Submit Your Campaigns

We’re building a library of Irish non-profit campaigns – fundraising, advocacy, awareness-raising, behaviour change – you name it.  So if you’ve worked on an interesting campaign, or have seen a good one, submit it here!


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