Online Resource of the Month: Thirteen Pro Tips for Email Design from Mailchimp

We ran two email workshops in early April with Digital Charity Lab, because as I’m CONSTANTLY saying, email is still The Best. No other digital channel gets such good engagement, it’s great for building relationships with supporters, and it gives you by far the best opportunity to show your impact and build trust.

Mailchimp recently published a great piece with 13 Pro Tips for Email Design. I really like this because, despite the authors being email experts, they’re still recommending a simple and straightforward approach – which I’ve always found, is the one that works. Don’t bother messing around with interactive emails or embedded video – just increase your font size, remove the navigation bar (if you have one) and think about the tone and approach you’re using. The quote above is particularly something we should always remember when crafting emails. More useful stuff in the article; check it out.

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