Article: Charities could lose a third of staff if they don’t get a grip on digital skills

Photograph: Ed Uthman/Flickr
Photograph: Ed Uthman/Flickr
Photograph: Ed Uthman/Flickr


The challenge with getting non-profits to think digitally is getting interest and support from the people at the top.  Are your senior managers and your CEO recognising the importance of digital?

This article in the Guardian Voluntary Sector Network site, also from Zoe Amar, contains some good challenging questions about charities and the state of their digital skills, such as:

  • Does your charity have a digital strategy? 50% of those surveyed by Amar in the UK do not
  • Do you find that the lack of a digital strategy means that you end up wasting time and money on digital activities that become a goal in themselves?
  • Does your charity see digital as a priority? Does your management and board recognise that digital skills are business skills?
  • Is your organisation doing enough with digital to attract and retain skilled staff?

Some brilliant (if slightly scary!) insights in this piece; it’s a really useful one to share with your colleagues.

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