Article: Why So Many Organisations Fail at Facebook

There’s a great article on the 101Fundraising blog by Norwegian digital specialist Beate Sorum, about why so many organisations are failing at Facebook. She’s right by the way, lots of us are.  We’ve all seen it: charities and causes posting to Facebook every day with unengaging, inward-focused, dry, overlong content that is clearly only connecting with a tiny percentage of their audience each time.

Sorum demystifies Facebook for charities in her helpful article – and provides clear steps that will help you fix your Facebook page.

I would say that I’m not fully in agreement with point #10 – or at least, feel it needs some more detail. Yes, you can test out asks on Facebook, but if you’re not posting ask-free content that inspires your audience and/or makes them smile, Facebook’s algorithm is very likely to hide your asks.  The reason for this? The Facebook algorithm rewards content that people like. Follow steps 1-9 and get them right before you start posting fundraising asks.

What do you think?

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