Article of the Month: Say No to Giant Cheque Photos

Giant cheque photos are the bane of charity communications. They always look the same and are completely unengaging. Every time I see four people in suits grinning fixedly on a charity’s social media feed, I think what a wasted opportunity it is.

This excellent ‘Say no to giant cheque pictures’ article from blogger and consultant Madeleine Sugden runs through exactly what is wrong with the giant cheque photo, and helpfully, provides tons of inspiration for more engaging alternatives. I particularly like the red balloon example from the British Heart Foundation that’s featured above.

My own take on the giant cheque photo by the way, is that they can work well on some channels – such as a print newsletter, and on your LinkedIn page with the donor company tagged in the post. But they’re completely wrong for Facebook pages, which live and die by how engaging their content is.

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