The Most Useful Animated Gifs I’ve Ever Seen – from Dark Horse Analytics

I’m torn between being incredibly impressed at this series of content guides from information designers Dark Horse Analytics, and furious that I didn’t think of them myself.

It’s a series on their blog called ‘Remove to Improve’, which provides some solid, easy-to-follow design advice on how to make your data look more attractive and easier to digest.  Ditch those gruesome Microsoft Office default styles and follow this advice instead.

Their series includes:

and there’s lots of other interesting stuff on their blog.

Also – and I’m sure you’re way ahead of me here – what a great way to present information!  Step by step, clear and logical, using the simple but effective gif format. Gifs are easy to create, and so shareable on social media.  A winning idea that could be borrowed for your own guides and explanations.

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