Campaign(s) of the Month: The Resist List

Well, this is awesome. Resist List is a new independent campaigning organisation in the UK, and the work they do is simple but brilliant – they collate campaigns.

So if you’re someone who cares about stopping hate speech, you can visit Resist List, and they’ll show you a range of campaigns around that issue.  For me, as someone who cares about that specific issue, there were familiar campaigns like Stop Funding Hate, but also some fascinating ones that were new to me, like Great Men Value Women and Our Migration Story.

The site is crowdsourced and anyone can suggest a campaign for inclusion on the Resist List.  It’s a brilliant resource for both new activists and seasoned campaigners.

Can someone please set one up for Ireland?

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Jean O'Brien is a digital communications expert and designer, who has over a decade of experience working as an online specialist with Irish charities.

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