New Online Course! Easy, Effective Google Grant Adwords

I’m really delighted to share something completely new with you – our online course in Easy, Effective Google Grant Adwords for Non-Profits!

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I’ve had more requests for help with Google Grant Adwords this year than any other topic. As you know, Google implemented a load of stringent new rules for Grant accounts at the start of this year, and have been utterly ruthless in shutting down Grant accounts since then.

Adwords are a fantastic advertising channel and I’ve always found them to deliver really engaged, valuable traffic.

I was lucky enough to learn a technique for managing Google Grant Ads from leading online advertising expert Dave Walker, and have applied it to many Grant accounts over the years (see below for some of the results I’ve achieved through this technique).

I’ve created this online course to pass this technique on to you. It focuses on two things that I know charities really struggle with, when it comes to Adwords:

  • Getting a good performance out of your Google Grant Adwords, and keeping the CTR above the 5% minimum mandated by Google
  • Learning a time-efficient technique for managing your Adwords, so that you can fit it into your busy schedule

The course also contains detailed help for getting started if you’re new to Google Ads, and guidance on how to fix and reactivate an account that has been suspended.

Your Discount

As a reader of the Digital Charity Lab blog, you can get a great offer on this course – the entire course for just €21, which is a discount of over 70% on the full price of €69.99!

For this, you get lifetime access to the course, including future updates – new content and downloadable resources will be added all the time. Early feedback on this course has been really positive, and you can also post questions in the course about your particular challenges with Adwords.

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