2018 Digital Campaign Roundup – Dan Papworth-Smyth

Dan Papworth-Smyth of Breast Cancer Care has done really useful roundups of his favourite digital non-profit campaigns for the past few years. His 2018 list is now available and features campaigns from the US and the UK.  Both the bookworm and the design nerd in me absolutely love these animated Instagram novels created by the New York Public Library (best viewed on mobile).  Crisis UK’s approach of asking donors to choose a level of impact as an alternative to selecting an amount is hugely interesting, and I would dearly love to see the results behind that. 

The clear winner for me, though, is the perennially excellent War Child and their Escape Robot campaign.  They have produced a video that is both technically impressive and full of emotion, and the campaign also features this beautifully presented digital storytelling piece which talks about War Child’s impact. As Papworth-Smyth says, it’s so great to see this kind of content made digital-first, rather than just dumped into a pdf.  There’s an interesting write-up about the Escape Robot campaign and how it was conceived on the CharityComms blog.

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