Article: Facebook Exposes Nonprofits to Donors – and Hackers

Bit of a downer, this one, but having recently experienced issues with one particular Facebook Ad account that took an incredible amount of work and stress to sort out, I thought it was an important one to share.  Wired has a piece on the issues some nonprofits have encountered while using Facebook’s donation tools.  TL;DR version: some non-profits have been hacked through the Facebook donation tools, and Facebook does not provide any customer support or guidance when things go wrong. 

Facebook’s donation tools are genuinely transformative, and lots of non-profits are using them to raise significant income from new audiences.  (If you missed our interview with Jill from Mental Health Ireland about how they’ve used Facebook Fundraising, read it now!).  It’s worth the hassles that it can throw up, just read the Wired article so you and your team fully understand the potential risks.

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