Nifty Digital Template of the Month – Marketing Campaign Canvas

You know that thing where you have a digital marketing plan, and a calendar of activity for the year, and then something completely new that requires digital promotion just pops up? The kind of project that’s not big enough to warrant re-writing your strategy, but definitely needs a plan so it’s done properly. You know that a long detailed plan probably won’t be read, but you need insights and tactics captured on paper so agreements can be made and expectations set.

This template for a one page digital marketing plan from Jacob Varghese is a lifesaver.  Based on the business model canvas, it allows you to capture everything you need for a small scale digital promotion plan.  Its layout makes sure you don’t miss out stuff that’s often overlooked in the rush to get something online, such as competition and core brand value.  I’m a great believer in the right template making work easier, and this is a really useful one. 

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