Resource of the Month: Annielytics’ Custom Google Analytics Reports for Charities

The built-in reporting in Google Analytics is pretty phenomenal, giving you great insights into what is driving visitors to your website, and what they’re doing when they get there. If you take the time to get your head around custom reporting in Google Analytics, you can find out even more.  For example, paid social is not currently treated as a standalone channel in Analytics, but custom reports will help you to measure this accurately. 

Analytics expert Annie Cushing has recommended five custom reports that you can set up in your Analytics to better measure your online fundraising and online PR activities at the Nonprofit Innovation & Optimization Summit. They’re captured in a blog post on along with instructions on how to get them set up and a video of her keynote speech. 

There’s lots more resources and guides on Annie Cushing’s website,; well worth checking out if you want to look at getting more out of your Analytics reporting. 
Hat tip to Denisa Casement for sending this to me..

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