A Professor’s Guide to Interacting Online – from Typeform

Photo from Typeform

Typeform have a lovely piece on their blog from academic Elizabeth Stokoe, who is a Professor of Social Interaction at Loughborough University. She’s taken her long experience of studying conversations and provided tips on how you can make your online content feel more conversational, in a way that will enhance interaction and increase conversions.

Asking for an online visitor’s email address using human language such as “would you be willing to leave us your email address?” is so much more appealing than a bald “click here to subscribe”.  It may seem obvious, but a lot of us tend to use the default language that comes with our forms and web templates, or don’t have time to devote attention to these small conversational tweaks.  They’re really worth looking at, as they enhance the user experience (in fact, UX writing is a fast growing field) and in turn increase conversions.

Professor Stokoe’s article has some really useful tips, including on how to ask for sensitive information without offending – a regular concern for non-profits.

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