Resource of the Month: The Toolbox Toolbox

The Toolbox Toolbox

I’ve found the motherlode. A mythical dragon’s hoard of inspiration and ways to work better.  Or, now that I’ve calmed down a bit: “a curated list of the best analogue and digital toolboxes and methods from companies, institutions and thinkers”. 

Design agency Studio Theolin have put together this phenomenally useful ‘Toolbox of toolboxes’ that cover all kinds of themes – design thinking, business canvasses, planning, innovation, sparking creativity, change processes and much more. 

A good toolkit can help you plan effectively, can get people out of a rut when it comes to brainstorming and bringing creativity to tired old campaigns or processes, and can be so helpful for introducing new methods to your colleagues.  I’d particularly recommend the following ones in the list:

  • DIY Toolkit (Development Impact & You)
  • IDEO Design Kit
  • Strategyzer
  • UNICEF Knowledge Exchange Toolbox
  • d. School: Tools for taking action

And there’s so much more to explore – hours of template-nerd fun.

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