New Google Ads features: lead form extensions & Grant account review dashboard

Google Ads have just launched an interesting new feature – Lead Form Extensions.

They allow you to capture leads directly on Google, similar to Facebook Lead Ads:

  • you can ask for name, email, phone number and postcode
  • the details are saved in a csv file which is stored on Google Ads
  • depending on what CRM or email platform you use, there may be an opportunity to connect it directly using webhooks
  • when someone’s completed the form, you can point them to a landing page on your website
  • they require an image – first time I’ve seen images being utilised in standard search ads

This is a really interesting development, and it could have big potential for charities who have a newsworthy petition, or a value exchange item that people are actively searching for.  For example, keyword research recently showed me that lots of people are searching for reusable / stainless steel drinking straws. An environmental charity who has this product could potentially offer sample packs through these leads. They may also be a useful channel for free, always-on acquisition of new subscribers, just running quietly away in the background. 

This function is in beta, so it’s not available on all accounts yet.

There’s more information here:

If you have a Google Grant Ads account, I’d recommend checking to see if this feature is available – go to Ads & Extensions > Extensions and see if Lead Form Extension is available in the options for new extensions. If it is, then set some up and try them out.  I’m testing them myself and once I have some data on them, I’ll add an article on them to Digital Charity Lab’s online course on Google Grant Ads.

Grant account review dashboard

Google have also created an account review dashboard for Grant accounts, which will show any compliance and optimisation issues.

Brace yourself, because it’s a bit scary. It showed completely new issues with some of the accounts I have access to – issues that had never appeared in the notification centre in Ads.  Google seems to be automating a lot of different account checks for Grant accounts, but some of their tools are a bit blunt.

Don’t panic if this dashboard flags new issues with your account; they’ll be fixable, and Google Grant Ads are really worth the time and effort.

If you’re struggling to manage your Grant account / keep it compliant / fix optimisation issues, Digital Charity Lab has an online course in Google Grant Ads that covers all of these areas.  

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