Resource of the month: The Remote Starter Kit, by Hanno

Remote Starter Kit

We probably all feel like remote working veterans at this stage, but there are still so many challenges. My clients and contacts tell me they’re struggling with productivity and time management, and with brainstorming creative projects while teams are all distanced.  I was pleased to discover this Remote Starter Kit by the digital designers Hanno.  It helps you find the right remote tools for all kinds of different challenges – processes, communication, collaboration and more. Nifty!

A tool that I’ve recently enjoyed using: Miro. It’s a digital whiteboard tool that you can use to get that ‘wall full of post-it notes’ creativity going in remote sessions. It’s really easy to use, free for a basic plan and you can share your virtual boards with colleagues without them having to set up accounts. 

If you’ve come across anything new that’s helping you work remotely, comment below! I’d be really interested to hear about it.

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