Google Grant Ads & Covid19

Google Grant Ads & Covid

I recently got an update from a specialist working with Google on their Grant Ads programme about the types of Covid19 campaigns that charities can run on their Grant Ads accounts.

At the start of the Covid19 crisis, Google put restrictions on Google Ads accounts, in order to prevent scams around protective equipment, hand sanitiser and virus ‘cures’. Initially, only governmental bodies could use Covid19 related terms in Google Ads. As the situation progressed, they changed these restrictions and now charities can use Covid19 terms in some types of campaigns.

Because scams are still a massive issue, you won’t be able to set up campaigns selling any Covid19 related products. So unfortunately you can’t use Google Ads to promote your handmade cloth masks, no matter how legitimate they are. But you can use your Grant Ads for promotions that are related to your mission – such as a fundraising appeal to replace income lost through Covid19, or information for your service users about how to manage their health during the crisis, or how they can access special supports.

The process for getting approved

You’ll need to get the landing pages whitelisted, and I’d advise doing that before you create any campaigns. Follow these steps:

  1. As always, start with your keyword research. Use the Keyword Planner tool in Google Ads to check that there are searches for the initiative or information that you want to promote. If there are no searches, there’s no point creating search ad campaigns.
  2. Create the landing pages that are promoting your Covid19 appeal or information. Ensure they follow best practice for landing pages for Google Ads.
  3. Publish your landing pages and note the URLs.
  4. Contact Google Ads Support, send them the URLs and request that the pages be whitelisted. You can find the contact details for your country’s Google Ads support in your Google Ads account, under the help icon in the top right of the screen.
  5. Once the pages are whitelisted, write the ads to promote them. As always, make sure the ads are clear and relevant, and that the headlines and descriptions include the keywords you’re targeting.
  6. You can also promote your Covid19 pages through sitelinks on your existing ad campaigns.

It’s a really good time to sort out your Google Grant Ads account, if you have one that isn’t performing. Wordstream have reported a surge in health-related searches during Covid19, and there are lots of other opportunities too as people spend more time and money online.

Google Grant Ads online course

Digital Charity Lab has a highly-rated online course on Google Grant Ads, which costs just €24.99 and includes everything you need to get started if you’re new to Google Ads, as well as everything you need to fix an account if you’ve inherited one that’s a giant mess!

The course takes about half a day to do and includes lots of free templates and guides that will help you get a high return from your Google Ad Grant.

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