Article: Instagram delivers for activism

Instagram has recently improved as a tool for activists. I find Instagram to be a delightful platform for personal use, but a hugely frustrating one for professional use: its analytics are beyond terrible, and it has poor peer-to-peer sharing functions compared to other social media. I have access to data from a lot of organisations, and consistently Instagram is way below the other social networks in terms of driving conversions and measurable support.  

However, use of Instagram for a particular purpose has ramped up: sharing information on campaigns and activism. This excellent piece from Axios outlines how in 2020 Instagram became a hub for sharing campaigns, information and actions

I see a lot of people using sharing lists of online actions like petitions for #BlackLivesMatter; so if you’re using Instagram for activism, make sure you regularly share and measure calls to action in your profile bio and your Stories. Many Instagram accounts use LinkTree to share links, however there seem to be a number of issues with that platform: links getting marked as spam, regular outages.

It makes a lot more sense anyway to send people to your own website rather than a third party. You can create a custom page that rounds up the actions you’d like people to take, optimised for mobiles.

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