Free ebook on end of year digital fundraising through Facebook

GivePanel's free ebook

GivePanel have put together this nifty ebook focusing on how you can usefully fundraise through Facebook over the next 6 weeks.

I’m in it, along with Official Pals of Digital Charity Lab Paul de GregorioAdrian O’FlynnJill O’Herlihy, and Nikki Bell, and lots of other experts are featured too.  Lots of great suggestions for organic, the fundraising tools, groups and ads; and it’s free to download. 

Plus! Our friends at GivePanel have very kindly offered a discount on their service to Digital Charity Lab subscribers. If you’re not familiar with it: it’s a hugely useful service for managing your Facebook fundraising.

It tracks your fundraisers, the income and makes it easy reconcile both to different campaigns. As someone who once had to spend two entire days reconciling spreadsheets with hundreds of fundraisers that had all participated in different campaigns, I nearly cried with relief when we switched to GivePanel and it just did it for me. It also allows you to thank and cultivate Facebook fundraisers, to raise average gifts and convert them to ongoing supporters. 

GivePanel work with a huge range of charities doing Facebook Fundraising and so they have extremely valuable aggregated data on digital fundraising. They’re split testing different things all the time and then sharing that knowledge with their community.  I’d really recommend exploring it.   

Use the code CHARITYLAB1 to get a 10% discount off a GivePanel plan.

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