New online course: How To Optimize Your Nonprofit’s Website to Increase Engagement and Conversions, for Beginners

Digital Charity Lab has a brand new online course for you, all about how to optimise your non-profit’s website to increase engagement and conversions. We are delighted to partner with the non-profit learning platform CharityHowTo to bring you this course. And you can get a special 15% discount by using the code OBrien5115.

Even in these days of social media, your website is your most important online hub. If someone hears about you from a friend or in an interesting media piece, the first thing they will do is Google you and go to your website. It’s so important that your website is as strong as possible.

There are lots of simple changes you can make to your site that will make people more likely to find it through search engines, more likely to engage with your content once they’re there, and more likely to ‘convert’, i.e. become an active supporter of your cause through donating or taking a campaign action.

And the good news is, you don’t need to be a web developer or coder to make these changes. There are excellent free tools you can use to evaluate what’s working and not working on your site, and content fixes that you can easily apply. That’s what this course is all about: demystifying the terminology for website optimisation, and empowering you to improve your website. You don’t have to wait for your next website redesign to get better results from your website.

‘How To Optimize Your Nonprofit’s Website to Increase Engagement and Conversions, for Beginners’ is delivered in micro lessons and takes about 90 minutes to complete. It’s available on-demand so you can complete it at your own time and pace, and also go back and use the videos as references whenever you like.

As a member of the Digital Charity Lab community, you can get a 15% discount off the price of this course by using the code OBrien5115 at checkout.

What you will learn during this Micro Lessons course

  1. The difference that optimizing your website can make
  2. How to check the current performance of your site using free tools
  3. Google Analytics: what data to look for
  4. Tracking conversions (donations, sales, signups) on your website
  5. How to set up handy reporting dashboards and automatic email reports with Analytics
  6. Calls to action – why they matter, how you can add them to your site
  7. How to create winning landing pages
  8. How to improve your donation form and increase donations
  9. How to craft web content that will increase engagement and conversions
  10. Easy, free, and affordable optimizations that you can do yourself

Bonus materials

The course also includes a fantastic collection of free downloads and resources:

  • The Micro Lessons Slides
  • An action list of improvements to apply to your website
  • A checklist for regular website performance checks
  • Web style guide template – an editable document with guidelines on best practice for web content, that they can customize with their own organizational style rules
  • Tutorials list – list of tutorials for key technical tasks (adding Google Analytics to website, etc)
  • A template for an Analytics dashboard that will help you focus on the data that you need

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