Updated Google Grant Ads online course, with limited time special offer

Is your organisation using the Google Grant to run free search ads?

If you are, you’re probably aware of a big change they brought in this year. If you’re not, skip down to find out more about why they’re such a valuable channel for digital marketing…

The change

In the middle of this year, Google Ads retired the ‘broad match modified’ keyword match type. This keyword match type had been hugely effective for Google Ads, allowing advertisers to target highly relevant audiences. But for inscrutable reasons, Google have removed this match type. Why do tech platforms take away features that work perfectly well? I don’t know! I wish they would stop!

Futile rants aside – I’ve updated the Digital Charity Lab online course on Google Grant Ads, to cover everything you need to know about the available keywords and match types. If you’re already signed up to this course, you have lifetime access and will get the updates for free. If you haven’t signed up, there’s a limited time special offer available. You can register now to avail of the offer and then start the course any time you like.

If you’re not using Google Grant Ads…

Google Grant Ads are a hugely effective digital marketing channel, that will help your organisation reach, attract and convert a warm, relevant audience. They’re particularly powerful for ‘always-on’ acquisition: you can create campaigns that will drive people to your donation pages, sign up forms and information about your cause, all year round, with only minimal management required once they’re set up. And they’re free to run under Google’s Grant for non-profits.

Digital Charity Lab has an online course on Google Grants Ads that walks you through everything you need to know. It covers applying for and setting up your account, developing your first campaigns, and how to optimise the ads and make the most of the $10k monthly ad budget.

We’re doing a limited time promotion on the cost of this course – you can get it for just €21 if you sign up now. You don’t have to start the course right away – register now to get the special offer, and you can then take the course any time that suits. Buying the course gives you lifetime access, so you can use the videos, articles and downloads as reference any time you’re working on your Google Grant Ads account.

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