Resource of the month: Richard Berks’ advice on blogging for charities

Blogs are an interesting digital channel. People may not spontaneously go to websites to browse through blog posts much these days, but blogs are still very significant for search engines. Charities are subject matter experts in their own causes, and if you can produce some well-written, informative, ‘evergreen’ blog articles, they are very likely to attract highly relevant site visitors through search engines. Get a few good articles up about information people commonly want to know about your cause, sprinkle them with relevant keywords, put a call to action to subscribe at the bottom of each one – and they’ll have a long and fruitful life, attracting interested visitors to your site.

Richard Berks, who specialises in writing for science and health charities, has a really useful series on his blog with practice advice for charities who want to do more and better blog posts.

And there’s lots more about communications for charities on Richard’s blog.

Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash

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