Audiences targeting available to Google Grant Ad accounts

Audience Targeting with Google Grant Ads

Paid Google Ad accounts have a feature called Audiences, which allow them to target their ads to particular audiences, and use remarketing to retarget people who had visited their websites. For a long time, this feature was not available to Google Grant Accounts – but that changed in 2021 and we can now use Audiences on our Grant accounts.

Important: using Audiences will not be appropriate for every Grant Ad account. Firstly, it’s an advanced feature and is complex to set up. And secondly, if your Ad account gets moderate impressions and clicks, and you’re not close to spending the entire Google Grant each month, it won’t benefit you to start restricting your targeting to smaller audiences.

However, if you are at an intermediate or advanced skill level with Google Ads, and your Grant Ads account is spending the full budget each month, it would be worth exploring Audiences.

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