Your Charity Needs to Start Using Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4

Google have announced that they’re planning to retire the version of Google Analytics that has been around since around 2014 – Universal Analytics. They’re requiring all users to switch to the new version of Analytics, Google Analytics 4, or GA4

Universal Analytics will stop gathering data in July 2023, but you should get GA4 set up as soon as possible so you start gathering data on the new system.  The advice from experts is to do the following:

  • Set up GA4 alongside your current Universal Analytics property as soon as possible, and install both on your site
  • Set up conversion tracking on GA4
  • You’ll then start gathering data on the new system, meaning you’ll have a decent chunk of it when you need to switch over next year

This is quite frankly, a pain in the behind. But it’s just how it is, and while you’re setting this up it’s a good opportunity to review your Analytics, conversion tracking and UTM tracking – check it’s all working ok and that all your team are up to speed in using these systems.

Some resources to help you get started:

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