ECF Reignite with Digital Charity Lab, Dublin, September 2022

Are you based in or near Dublin? If so – there’s an event coming up in September that we’d love you to be part of.

Not in Ireland? Skip to this bit 🙂

ECF Reignite Event in Dublin, September

Duane Raymond of the ECF and I are planning a joint event in Dublin in September. It’ll be approximately a half day, with some quick expert presentations on digital and ‘Open Space’ sessions where attendees can propose topics for discussion. We’d like to do this in order to get back to the kind of in-person knowledge sharing that we’ve all missed for the last few years!

And for those of you who’ve never been to the ECF (my favourite conference and online community), it’s a nice opportunity to get a small taster of how it works.

If you think you might be interested in attending, can you please fill out this very quick questionnaire so we can start to pin down dates, topics, etc? 

ECF Reignite – other locations

Duane is also organising an ECF Reignite event in Cardiff in September, and there’s plans to organise further sessions in Cambridge and Amsterdam.

To get alerted to new ECF events like this, join the new Campaigning Forum events group on Meetup at And if you’re not already a member of the ECF list – a vibrant mailing list with over 3k digital and campaigning practitioners from around the world, sharing ideas, resources and support – you can sign up now.

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