Big changes forecast as Meta takes on Tiktok

Meta vs Tiktok

There’s been a lot of chatter in the digital world about the various attempts Meta are making to compete with Tiktok, which is continuing to achieve phenomenal growth. If you’re an Instagram user, you’ve probably noticed that you’re seeing more random viral content in your feed, and fewer updates from the accounts you follow – this is to compete with Tiktok’s algorithm, which is focused on ‘recommendations’ over social connection. And Facebook say they’ll head in the same direction: they’ll favour short videos, with a new ‘discovery engine’ that apes Tiktok.

Some interesting articles about the upcoming change:

What does all this mean for non-profits using Facebook and Instagram? Well, we’re going to have to test new formats in both ads and organic posts, and be ready to switch tactics. But as always with Facebook, we still need to be skeptical and keep a close eye on actual results.

Facebook have pushed video before – if you have blocked their despicable ‘pivot to video’ of around 2015 out of your memory, no-one would blame you. This article will refresh your memory, if you can bear it.

Right now, my feeling is that we should be testing new formats while always being careful to measure them against strategies that have been delivering over the past few years (such as lead ads for digital fundraising, and static image ads for social storytelling). Continue to prioritise ads with real measurable results (leads, conversions, income) over woolly objectives like awareness. As always, stay plugged in to online communities for the latest updates. And remind the higher-ups in your organisation that social media is a constantly changing landscape, that requires regular strategic reviews.

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