“Good Comms, Bad Comms” with Sho Walker-Konno & Digital Charity Lab

I’m a big fan of the work that campaigning consultant Sho Walker-Konno does – and so I was delighted when Sho asked if I’d have a chat with him as part of his ‘Good Comms, Bad Comms’ video interview series. I chose to talk about one of my favourite campaigns on my favourite social network – the tremendous Gender Pay Gap Bot campaign on Twitter. Sho and I dive into what was so smart and effective about this campaign in the video above.

More from Sho’s ‘Good Comms, Bad Comms’ series

Sho’s other resources

  • Blueprints for Change – free library of guides for campaigners
  • Website – with amazing resources such as The Bluffer’s Guide to Framing
  • YouTube channel – Sho is creating a series of really interesting deep dives on elements of campaigning and messaging



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