By David Walker

The Digital Charity Lab 5 Minute Guides are intended to give you the basics on a particular digital platform or project. They are collaborative documents and we welcome your feedback and further suggestions in the comments.

If you are a registered charity, you can apply for a Google Grant which provides up to US$10,000 per month worth of free Google Adwords.

This graphic is a beginner’s guide to setting up  your Google Adwords campaigns to maximise the return on your Google Grant.  Click the graphic for a larger version.

Guide to Google Adwords

Notes on the ‘5 Rules to Live By Section’

Point 1: Since this graphic was created, Google made a change to the Grants programme and it is no longer possible to get the Grant extended to $400,000 per year. However the total possible Grant is still extremely generous at $100,000 per year.

Point 3: When setting up your keywords, use broad match modified keywords to reach more users.

Update – December 2017

Google have changed the rules for Grant accounts, and from Jan 1st 2018 will be requiring a minimum CTR of 5% on Grant accounts.  So you should look to pause any campaigns that are below 4%.

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