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Campaign Communications Calendar – Free Template

Digital Charity Lab Toolkit

In the collection of approximately 74 million templates, white papers, how to guides, and toolkits that I have found on the web and hoarded over the years, one of the top five most useful is the Non-Profit Communications Grid, originally created by Carol Goglia. This very simple and intuitive method enables you to create a grid-based calendar for your communications plan, […]

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Campaign of the Month: Stop Funding Hate

Stop Funding Hate is a new grassroots campaign in the UK that is already making a significant impact. Their theory of change is pretty straightforward: certain UK newspapers with powerful proprietors lie about and demonise immigrants and refugees the Press Complaints Commission is powerless to stop them and politicians are either scared to or don’t care […]

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*New* event with Obama Campaign Digital Analytics Director – Evening Talks & Panel Discussion, Mon Sept 5th

Digital & Democracy

  We’re partnering with international experts Amelia Showalter (former Digital Analytics Director with the Obama campaign) and Glyn Thomas to deliver a workshop on how to recruit new supporters online in September. The interest in this event has been huge, so we’re organising a second event with Amelia and Glyn. More Info & Booking It’s […]

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Online Resource of the Month: DIY Toolkit

The longer I spend working with creative projects and non profits, the more I value practical exercises using paper. The difference between a ‘brainstorming’ session where people sit around a table and stare blankly at each other, versus one where something like a mind map is used is phenomenal.  Working on paper frees up your […]

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