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Tool: If This, Then Totally That

I absolutely love this tool from M+R, an US based design agency that specialises in non-profits. If This, Then Totally That is a handy little recommendation gizmo thatfinds tools for you based on tasks that you need to complete. It’s really handy for when you’re, as M+R say, ‘banging your head against your desk’ trying […]

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Case Study: How Debra Ireland Won a Community Grant on Social Media

Case Study from Debra Ireland

Debra Ireland is a charity that provides support services to patients and families living with the debilitating skin condition epidermolysis bullosa (EB). Debra is a small organisation but has an excellent brand and public awareness, and they really punch above their weight when it comes to social media.  Cheryl Gunning of Debra generously shared this case […]

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