TrainingDigital Charity Lab organises training workshops and knowledge exchange events for non-profits and causes.  We provide a mix of expert presentations, problem solving sessions and peer discussions.

Recent Events

10 September 2018 – Workshop in Design Thinking for Non-Profits

Interactive workshop on Design Thinking, where you’ll learn about the concept, complete a design thinking challenge from Stanford Design School, and leave with a new creative method for your work!

14 November 2017 – Workshop in Planning Digital Campaigns – with Combined Media

Practical workshop with Digital Charity Lab & Combined Media on campaign planning – learn methods and best practice for planning campaigns that perform.

8 November 2017 – Inspiring Action Online – Evening Event with Digital Charity Lab

Come to Digital Charity Lab’s evening of knowledge sharing and socialising for people working in digital for non profits.

Featuring short presentations about a variety of successful digital fundraising and advocacy campaigns from progressive non-profits – showing how the campaigners crafted their messages to inspire people to actually take action.

Online Courses

Check out our online courses, which you can schedule for any time that suits you.  We have courses designed specifically for digital non-profits, covering Google Grant Adwords and Digital Marketing. Use the links here to get a big discount on the standard prices!







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Past Events

Check out the events category on our blog to see our past events. If there’s a particular topic you’d really like us to cover, get in touch!

Our Events Policy

  • We are committed to providing affordable training so that it is accessible to as many charities as possible, and will seek sponsorship to subsidise events whenever possible.
  • Our workshops are only open to charities, non-profit organisations, and campaigning and community groups. If you are a for-profit company and interested in attending one of our workshops, we can discuss sponsorship opportunities – please email to discuss.
  • Training will be evaluated after each session and continuously reviewed to ensure that we’re delivering the best value for money and use of time.
  • Our events code of conduct.
  • A note on our event pricing.
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