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2014 Guide to Facebook Image Sizes


Graphics are key to getting engagement on Facebook, but if you’re using them you’ve probably come up against the frustrating problem of the myriad image sizes that Facebook uses, and Facebook’s tendency to constantly tweak them. Photographer David Coleman has an exhaustive 2014 Facebook Photos Size Guide on his blog, that covers everything you could […]

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Case Study: Barnardos Children’s Referendum Graphic

Barnardos Infographic

Project Description A graphic for the Children’s Referendum ‘Yes for Children’ campaign. [Click image to open the complete graphic in a new window]   What was the problem? The debate around the Children’s Referendum in November 2012 was often extremely unclear, and the issue had trouble keeping public and media attention.  As polling day approached, […]

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Bulletproof Email Components

Anyone who regularly works on HTML emails will know that they can be pesky beasts. Things like a strong call to action button are extremely important for fundraising appeals and event registrations, but it can be hard to get them looking nice. Relying on images is not a good idea, as many subscribers will have […]

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