Premium Digital Template Bundle + €10 Donation


Get all the Charity Lab templates, guides and toolkits in one convenient bundle, plus two EXCLUSIVE templates for your digital planning, and make a small donation of €10 to Charity Lab.  This bundle includes three templates created for our online course in digital marketing for non-profits, that will help you to plan and prioritise your digital activities.  The donation of €10 will help us to keep producing free and affordable content to help non-profits use digital.


  1. EXCLUSIVE – Digital Planning Guide for Non-Profits – suggested activities for each of your non-profit’s digital channels
  2. EXCLUSIVE – Digital Planning Template – create your own version of the digital activity plan
  3. EXCLUSIVE – Digital KPIs & Skill Building – how to set KPIs for each of your digital channels, and core activities for digital skill building
  4. Non Profit Mailshot Guide
  5. Google Grant Adwords Compliance Cheat Sheet
  6. Google Grant Adwords Care & Feeding Checklist
  7. Template: Supporter Journey Emails
  8. Communications Calendar Grid Template
  9. Web Content Style Guide Template
  10. Email Marketing Toolkit
  11. Social Media Metrics Guide



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