Guide: Facebook Ad Strategy for Charities & Non-Profits


Get our expert resource on Facebook Ad strategies that work for charities & non-profits. This 22 page guide breaks down:

  • what kind of strategies work on Facebook Ads, and why
  • understanding ad campaign objectives
  • how to run meaningful tests
  • the budgets you’ll need to properly test your campaigns
  • how to develop and maintain always-on acquisition campaigns
  • how to find and test images for ads

This guide will help you reevaluate and overhaul your Facebook Ads strategy, and to run more effective campaigns in-house. Note: this is not a guide to technical implementation, it’s all about strategy – but it does contain lots of links to specific resources that provide support with the technical side of Facebook Ads.

This is a virtual product – you’ll get a download link after checkout. Buying this resource once gives you free access to all future updates.



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Who’s it for?

  • Charities, causes and non-profits who want to get better results with their Facebook Ads
  • Digital fundraisers
  • Digital campaigners
  • Communications teams
  • Anyone who’s using or interested in using Facebook Ads to generate support for their cause

You will need a basic level of familiarity with Facebook Ads to make the most of this resource.

Future updates

This resource will be regularly updated; purchasing it once gives you access to all future updates for free.

Virtual product

On purchasing this product, you’ll get a download link after checkout and also an email with a link. You can log back in and re-download the resource at any time.